Swollen Gums

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Dr. Schlueter and Dr. Boszko specialize in the treatment of swollen gums. When patients come to Schlueter Periodontics and Implants for a consultation, we help them discover the most appropriate treatment for their unique condition.

What are Receding Gums?

Receding gums are one of the warning signs of periodontal disease. Other symptoms of periodontal disease include bleeding and puffy gums. Receding gums occur when the gums and the bone in the mouth begin to move away from the tooth. This can cause long-term problems, and without treatment, tooth loss may be imminent.

Swollen Gums
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Causes of Receding Gums

There are actually quite a few things to watch out for if you want to avoid the onset of receding gums. First, prevent the accumulation of plaque at the gum line by exercising proper oral hygiene techniques that we demonstrate in our office. Otherwise, the bacteria in the plaque can release toxic substances that can break down gum tissue and bone support around the teeth.

Second, if your teeth are crooked or fillings are not placed in such a way to balance your bite, the forces being placed on the teeth can cause receding gums as they try to compensate. Studies have shown that an improper bite can increase the amount of bone loss around the teeth.

Third, excessive pressure from grinding or clenching your teeth can sometimes cause gums to recede. Chronic nighttime teeth grinders often use a mouthguard to prevent this kind of abrasive force.

Fourth, brushing your teeth too hard or in the wrong direction can sometimes lead to receding gums. On the flip side, if you don’t brush your teeth or floss, this can lead to decay and poor gum health. This process can be reversed or halted by having a soft tissue grafting procedure (see soft tissue graft).

Finally, your overall stress, health, and sleeping habits can also be contributing factors to gum recession.

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