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Completely Metal Free Zirconia Dental Implants

When a tooth is lost, the perfect replacement solution, is to replace it with something that is as close to looking as the lost tooth.  That is why a completely metal free Zirconia dental implant may be the very best treatment option available.

Over the years, many health conscious, or metal allergic patients prefer to avoid titanium implanted in the into their bodies, have been asking for a metal-free solution.  Now, for over a decade, the FDA approved Zirconia dental implants for use in the United States.

Unlike a lot of zirconia dental implants, the system that we use is fully metal free, all the way down to the drills themselves.  But that’s not the only advantage of a zirconia implant vs. titanium one.

Should part of the implant become exposed, plaque retention on zirconia implants may be less and the white color of the implants is far superior to titanium gray color when considering cosmetics.  The zirconia implant survival rate (>98%) is also comparable to its titanium counterpart.

If you are interested in this treatment option and are wanting a fully boarded surgical dental implant specialist to place your next dental implant, please call our office to schedule an evaluation appointment and let us know you are interested in this treatment option.